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Downtown Denver Lofts for Sale in Colorado!
historic loft conversions
Current Listings: Thursday, July 18, 2024

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Acme Lofts
1616 14th Street
Denver CO 80202
year built: 1909
year converted: 1992

The turn of the century building that started out as Brecht Chocolate & Candies is set on Cherry Creek on Lodo's southwest end. Expansive views of the city and mountains are available from many of the loft residences that feature the original brick & timber construction.
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Acme Lofts

Edbrooke Lofts
1450 Wynkoop Street
Denver CO 80202
year built: 1905
year converted: 1990

As one of Lower Downtown's original conversions, the large and open floorplans at Edbrooke invoke the industrial warehouse feel of urban lofts. Brick, heavy timbers, exposed brick and hardwood blend with the updated interiors.
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Edbrooke Lofts

Flour Mill
2000 Little Raven Street
Denver CO 80202
year built: 1920
year converted: 1998
2nd phase: 2000

The former Pride of the Rockies Flour Mill and more recent addition offer large industrial lofts set on Cuernavaca Park next to the Platte River. Unobstructed views of the Denver skyline and the Rockies in a private setting.
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Flour Mill Lofts

Ice House
1801 Wynkoop Street
Denver CO 80202
year built: 1903
year converted: 1990

In the center of Lodo, the turn of century Littleton Creamery and Beatrice Cold Storage warehouse is one of the first loft conversions downtown. Large renovated lofts with exposed brick and heavy timbers offer views of the city and mountains.
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Ice House Lofts

Isbell Lofts
1800 Lawrence Street
Denver CO 80202
year built: 1920's
year converted: 2002

One of Denver's last historic loft conversions, Isbell has 37 classic lofts blending historical features and modern finishes in the kitchens and baths. Views of the city and easy walking distance to Lodo or the 16th Street Mall.
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Isbell Lofts

Paris Lofts
2193 Arapahoe Street
Denver CO 80205
year built: 1891
year converted: 2006

Completed in 2006, Paris Lofts is one of the newest historic conversions in Downtown Denver. It features secure parking, an interior courtyard, and great views of the Denver city skyline. This 3-story brick building has 17 units that feature unique architectural elements and modern interior design.
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Park Place Lofts

Rocky Mountain Warehouse
1863 Wazee Street
Denver CO 80202
year built: 1931
year converted: 1993

Located near Coors Field, the former 1930's merchandise mart has industrial lofts with large windows and balconies. Concrete column construction adds to the Art Deco style architecture.
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Rocky Mountain Warehouse

S.H. Supply
1732 Wazee Street
Denver CO 80202
year built: 1909
year converted: 1990's

With only 9 loft residences, S.H. Supply is one of Lower Downtown's smaller conversions. The former Oxford Hotel parking building offers large open floorplans and interesting architectural features.
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SH Supply Lofts

Stadium Lofts
2261 Blake Street
Denver CO 80205
year built: 1916
year converted: 1995

In Denver's ballpark neighborhood on the north end of Lodo, Stadium Lofts has affordable residences with mountain & city views and easy walking distance to Coors Field.
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Stadium Lofts

Streel Bridge
1449 Wynkoop Street
Denver CO 80202
year built: 1919
year converted: 2002

As a brand new loft conversion, the former Great Western Sugar company building has 45 luxury lofts with modern appliances and upgraded finishes. A five-story atrium spreads natural light throughout the interior.
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Steel Bridge Lofts

Streetcar Stables
1720 Wynkoop Street
Denver CO 80202
year built: 1882
year converted: 1994

Built in 1882, the historical Streetcar Stables is listed in both national and state registers and is located directly across from Union Station. Streetcar offers brick and timber construction, updated interiors and large windows with western views of the Rockies.
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Streetcar Stables

Volker Lofts
1628 14th Street
Denver CO 80202
year converted: 1992

Volker Lofts offers large balconies, unobstructed views, original architectural features and a private location on Cherry Creek.
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Volker Lofts

Watertower Lofts
2960 Inca Street
Denver CO 80202
year built: 1894
year converted: 2001

Next to Cuernavaca Park and the Platte River, the late 19th century American Furniture Company building has all the historical features of brick & heavy timber construction and the modern finishes of a recently converted loft development.
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West End Lofts
1435 Wazee Street
Denver CO 80202
year converted: 2002

The former West End fabric outlet building now houses 33 luxury lofts with ground floor retail. Oversize windows, large balconies and open floorplans.
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West End Lofts

Wynkoop Lofts
1792 Wynkoop Street
Denver CO 80202
year built: 1899
year converted: 1988/1993

Started in 1988, the Wynkoop Lofts development was the original conversion in Lodo starting as the Wynkoop Brewery. Much of the original architectural character has been retained in the historical brick & timber building.
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Wynkoop Lofts

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